Welcome to the garden of the Winter Rose. All year round here the flowers bloom. The roses stretch high to the sky, lavender grows at your feet, the birds sing in the high branches of the trees, and the little stream wends its way through the centre of the garden, bubbling over little rocks as it goes. This is my secret place, and you are all invited. Step away from the stony path and let the grass tickle your feet. Splash in the icy coolness of the stream, listen to the music that fills the air, and know here you are safe. Stay awhile upon this page, and let the beauty that is the world of Spirit fill you.

Friday, 31 July 2009

Waiting for Robin Wood

I've just ordered the Robin Wood Tarot deck from amazon, and it should be arriving today.  I've already got one deck, but another deck is always useful, and it does me good to change my decks every once in a while as it means I read more into the cards, I pick things up etc.  It does the decks good too to have a rest from being read.  Some people think that having more than one deck isn't a good idea - I used to read for others, so I had one deck for me and one deck for my clients, but I soon learned that it didn't really matter which deck I used, as long as the deck was readable and 'spoke' to me.  I've been using my old deck for quite a while now, and while I absolutely love it, I've used it so much that the images and meanings have started to get a bit muddy - not physically, it still looks as new as it did when I got it, but in my mind.  Rather than reading intuitively, I've found myself reading by habit, which doesn't give me as clear answers as it should.  I'll probably end up using the two decks interchangeably - whichever feels right for the question being asked.

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