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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Dragons Tarot

I've just treated myself to the Dragon's Tarot, and... well, as a Tarot deck, I'm not that impressed.  Many of the images seem to have nothing to do with the meanings of the actual card - take the Lovers, for instance: a dragon lies slain by a knife through the neck in a pool of its own blood.  From the blood a man rises up, obviously having just slain the dragon.  What exactly has that got to do with the lovers?  Or the Hermit: a dragon standing atop its hoard, furiously guarding it? Temperance: a Hydra with one head drooling venom into the sea.

So I've decided to remove the names and the borders, trim it down to just the artwork, and apply my own meanings to the cards, totally ignoring the traditional names and meanings.  In my mind now, the Hermit has become the Hoarder, the Lovers has become Vengeance, Temperance has become Temper, etc.  It is a beautiful deck, and the images are gorgeous...they just have nothing to do with the traditional meanings.  I'm going to try a reading with it later, and see how it reads.  

Apologies for not drawing a card for the day for the past few days - everything's been like the chariot lately.

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