Welcome to the garden of the Winter Rose. All year round here the flowers bloom. The roses stretch high to the sky, lavender grows at your feet, the birds sing in the high branches of the trees, and the little stream wends its way through the centre of the garden, bubbling over little rocks as it goes. This is my secret place, and you are all invited. Step away from the stony path and let the grass tickle your feet. Splash in the icy coolness of the stream, listen to the music that fills the air, and know here you are safe. Stay awhile upon this page, and let the beauty that is the world of Spirit fill you.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Queen of Pentacles

Today's card for the day is the Queen of Pentacles.  The Queen's energy is typical nurturing, caring and practical. Today's going to be a house-work day, since my parents are coming home this afternoon, so I shall be 'taking care' of the house and getting it looking spick and span.  Home life is very important to this Queen, so I think it's pretty clear what this card means in relation to today.  

In other news today; I finished my latest musical composition last night.  I haven't composed for quite some time, due to Grandpa's illness, but I'm pleased with how this one turned out.  You can find it here: http://www.macjams.com/song/54703

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