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Friday, 4 June 2010

The Journey Spread

This is my first reading with my new Shadowscapes tarot - the spread is from the LWB that came with the deck. I'm just trying out the deck, so interested to see what it has to say for itself....

The spread is as follows:


1-3 Leaving: what you're leaving behind, what is no longer satisfying you, or what is holding you back. Can be three distinct things, or the cards cold work together to describe one thing.

4. Why: why you are being called to embark on this journey at this time.

5. Star: what is guiding or leading you on the journey.

6. Challenge: A challenge you will face.

7. Destination: What you are moving towards. This is the place you or your higher self wants to get to (for this leg of the journey, at least.)


1-3 Leaving: Judgement, 2 of Pents, Knight of Cups.
I think these relate to one thing - I am no longer being judged on what I believe, no longer having to constantly juggle my spirituality with the condemnations of another. I have begun the transformation and I have already started my journey. I am leaving behind my idealist outlook on life, but not abandoning my spirituality. I'm no longer having to juggle the different sides of my own being.

4 Why: 6 of Wands.
To show me that I can triumph over the obstacles life throws in my path, to help build my self-esteem without being overly proud.

5. Star: 9 of Wands
Vigilance, and inner strength is the message of the 9 of wands for me. This card tells me that it is my own inner strength that is keeping watch over me. I've been told I'm as stubborn as an ox, but I will not go down without a fight. If I fall at a hurdle, I will get up and continue on.

6. Challenge: 5 of Swords.
This card is warning me against becoming too involved in my own self-interests.

7. Destination: 4 of Pentacles.
I believe this shows I am heading towards a release from this card, as opposed to heading towards it - especially after reading the last card. I need to look to the wider world, try to use my abilities to help others - a challenge in itself as I have been so burnt for doing so before. But this is what this journey is about - regaining my trust and abilities in order to help others. I am a healer, I have known that for many years - and I need to use my skills on myself first, and then to help others. I am materialistic, I know that. I pulled another card to show where I am headed after being released from the 4 of pents, and drew the Queen of Cups, which is my own Minor Arcana personality card. This journey is about developing my spiritual side, releasing my possessive materialistic side (stop playing on the computer all night, every night, and spend some time connecting to Spirit instead!)

Intrigued a little, I went on to pull another card to ask HOW to release myself from the 4 of pents and to continue my journey - and I pulled the Ace of Wands. I can use my creativity to better connect to the world of Spirit - let my inspiration guide me, and allow Spirit to come to me. This card in my deck also features Foxes - one of my animal guides. By connecting more with my animal guides, and allowing them to take me on journeys through their hidden lands, they can teach me what I need to know.

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